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Xmas Season Shipping Special!
Priority Mail shipping on all shirts reduced to $3 each through Wednesday, December 17th.

Priority Mail should still arrive in time to be in your hands by December 24th.

From Thursday, December 18th onwards, contact us before ordering for advice on whether your purchase can arrive in time, if you need it for the 24th. We'll do what we can, but not everything is possible, and some methods don't come with a guarantee.

Yes, we'd be delighted if there was a shopping cart to make this easier, but that still hasn't happened. 

Since 1992, proudly making and selling thought-provoking (and sometimes more-than-that provoking) stuff, currently including bumper stickers and T-shirts.

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Bumper stickers are $2.50 for one, $6 for three; it gets cheaper when you buy more.
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T-shirts start at $19
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