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Since 1992, proudly making and selling thought-provoking (and sometimes more-than-that provoking) stuff, currently including T-shirts and bumper stickers.

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Bumper stickers are $2.50 for one, $6 for three; it gets cheaper when you buy more.
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News from Our Fearless Leader

Cheap Shipping Still In Effect!
Priority Mail shipping on all shirts (US destinations only) remains reduced to $3 each. This will continue until at least April 30, 2016.

March/April 2016 Travel Notes
We will be closed for travel to various events during the following dates: March 17-21; March 24-28, April 3-13; April 21-25, 2016. Orders placed while we're away will get filled as soon as possible after we get back.

We've changed hosts again
After one too many instances of downtime and wonky behavior, we swapped to a new host on 19 April. Everything should be working the same as before; let us know if something's broken.

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